Anarchists Against the Wall bring stories of struggle against Israeli Apartheid to UH

Schachaf Polakow of Anarchists Against the Wall

Schachaf Polakow of Anarchists Against the Wall

Students for a Democratic Society at UH hosted Anarchist Against the Wall member Schachaf Polakow as came to McAllen, TX and Houston to share videos and images of the ongoing struggle against Israeli aggression in the occupied territories. His presentations were part of AAW’s North American tour to raise funds to cover the thousands of dollars in legal fees the AAW and Palestinian activists  face for their arrests and detentions.

Polakav explained that AAW began in 2003 and has worked in solidarity with Palestinian popular committees on a number of actions and regular protests against Israeli aggression. AAW members only participate in actions when they’re invited to villages and they meet with the village popular committees to decide what kind of actions and collaborations will take place.

The videos highlighted sit-ins to stop the demolition of olive trees, Israeli and international solidarity activists cutting fences restricting Palestinian freedom of movement, and Palestinian and Israeli activists reclaiming lands in illegal Israeli settlements.

Shachaf also spoke about corporate involvement in the Israeli occupation. In McAllen, Shachaf explained that Israeli companies provided much of the security equipment and training currently used in the US-Mexico border. He mentioned that Caterpillar, the company that provides bulldozers to the Israeli gov, has been included in President Obama’s economic stimulus plan. A new website lists companies invested in Israel.

To contribute to AAW: Click Here

Saleema’s Inkpot Covered the event:
Schachaf Polakow of Anarchists Against the Wall (video) | Schachaf Polakow Speaks (analysis)

Some of the videos from the presentation are online, check them out


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