Protest of T Don Hutto Family Detention Center a Success!

A Scouts Against Family Prisons

A Scouts Against Family Prisons

SDS of UH called for a protest of the T Don Hutto Family Detention Center on March 7th, more than 20 folks carpooled with us from Houston to Taylor, where we were joined by at least 30 other people to demand the end to family detention. This protest recieved a good deal of media coverage, and read below for our report:
The Daily Cougar: Group protests family jail
Workers World: Protest at jail for immigrant families
Houston Press/Hairballs: Groups Protest The “Lock Up the Immigrants” Facility
Houston Indymedia: Texans gather in Taylor to demand an end to Family Detention and closure of T Don Hutto

Around 50 people from Houston, Austin, College Station, Georgetown, Hutto and Taylor came to the T Don Hutto “Residential Center” to support the call put out by Students for a Democratic Society of UH to protest the detention of immigrant children and women for the profits of the Tennessee based Corrections Corporation of America.

Participating Groups (that we were aware of) included; Houston SDS, Houston Anti-Racist Action, Grassroots Leadership, LULAC, Brazos Valley Coalition Against War, Austin Labor Defense Project, Texans United for Families, Rice for Peace and the fearless A Scouts!

Folks that came to the rally decorated the driveway with chalk, chanted, held signs and banners, spoke to the rally and marched from the North (front) side of the facility to the east side, where we could see the playground behind the prison walls.

Eating at Totos in Taylor after the protest

Eating at Totos in Taylor after the protest

The event had high amounts of energy from young and old participants, and folks left feeling like the event was a success, and many (re)committed to continuing the struggle to end the incarceration of children and Shut Hutto Down!


4 responses to “Protest of T Don Hutto Family Detention Center a Success!

  1. I am absolutely horrified by the story of the incarceration of children. You mean such detentions can happen in the United States of America, the world leader in championing human rights!! It is such a shame!!! Indeed we need comprehensive immigration reform NOW rather than later!

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  3. For the love of God!!! Shot it down and throw those men in charge in jail for life EVIL MONSTERS!! And The us goverment it’s involved that is why are not trying to stopped they are all satan lovers!!

    • I don’t know if we’d use the Satan analogy, but they’re definitely very very evil. But if you want to work with us in doing something about it you should come out to the planning meeting on Thursday September 1st. It will be on the Red couches on the second floor of the UC at 5pm.

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