Protest Coup in Honduras: Friday at 1pm


Residents, students and supporters of Democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya will gather at the Honduran Consulate, 6161 Savoy Lane, Friday, July 3rd at 1 PM to demand his reinstatement as President.

On June 28, the elected President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped by the military at gun point and exiled to Costa Rica. Supported by the Supreme Court, the Congress has appointed Congress president Roberto Micheletti.

“The victims of this coup are the Honduran people who have had their electricity, water, and phone lines cut…I’m incredibly worried for the well-being of my family in Honduras because of an unstable military government. I want Zelaya to be reinstituted so that we can restore peace for the sake of those who are suffering and have done nothing wrong!” says a member of Students for a Democratic Society(SDS) and the University of Houston.

As supporters of democracy, SDS denounces the actions of School of the Americas graduate Romeo Vasquez. “Zelaya has massive support from the poor, trade unions and social movements. However the elite, which control the military, Supreme Court and Congress, oppose his push for change in one of Latin America’s poorest nations. The coup was carried out to prevent a non-binding referendum to take place that day on whether Hondurans wanted the opportunity to elect a constituent assembly to rewrite their constitution. The current constitution was introduced in 1982 at the height of the brutal US-backed military dictatorship” writes Eva Golinger, whose 2006 book The Chavez Code exposed the role of the US in the 2002 coup that briefly overthrew the democratically elected Venezuelan government.

Delfina Pei, also with SDS says, “if the coup were legitimate, they wouldn’t have closed down television stations and detained journalists. It is because the coup is illegitimate that they must take all necessary actions to silence the opposition.”


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