Protest Against Coup in Honduras gets support from El Paso to Houston

Against the military coup, Popular Resistance!

Against the military coup, Popular Resistance!

More than 40 people braved the heat and many drove long distances to hold a demonstration in opposition to the military coup in Honduras, the subsequent violantions of human rights, repression of media outlets in Honduras and demanding a return of the democratically elected Manuel Zelaya to office as president of Honduras.

People held signs and banners condemning the coup, and speakers spoke their piece from the Centro de los Trabajadores Agrícolas Fronterizos of El Paso, The Southwest Workers Center of San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley, The Central American Resource Center of Houston, Students for a Democratic Society of Houston and many other groups and individuals.

Chants included “Honduras no es cuartel, fuera ejercito de el!” (Honduras is not a barracks, the military get out!) “No al golpe militar, resistence popular” (no to the military coup, popular resistance) and other slogans made up on the spot.

SDS against the Coup

SDS against the Coup

The rally lasted from around 1:30 till almost 3. The protest was covered by News 2 Houston (NBC), Telemundo, El Dia [here], and the Daily Cougar [here]. Following the protest many participants went to the Honduran restaurant Coquitos, just down the road on Hilcroft, where we had agua de sandia, casamiento, sopa de pescado and plantains while watching CNN en Espanol.

While we hope that Manuel Zelaya will be swiftly reinstated, ending the crisis in Honduras, we are watching the situation and may call for protests again in the near future. More photos on Houston Indymedia.


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