Call for submissions to a (re)orientation guide for students at UH

Call for submissions to a (re)orientation guide for students at the University of Houston being put together by Students for a Democratic Society.

back-toSDS is building a resource guide to kick of the new school year and give students information about organizations and resources at UH and in the Houston community. We are pulling together maps of Houston with locations of community and radical spaces, articles about exploitation of workers on campus and the skyrocketing cost of tuition, and struggles taking place on and off campus.

We want submissions of short articles and ideas about content for this guide. We would particularly like to get these from student organizations and UH students, but would happily review stuff from other folks with writings or resources relevant to students at UH about social justice issues.

This guide is going to be short and have lots of content so submissions should be very brief, please keep it under a page (a paragraph or 2 for a group description, a page for an article), we may have to edit for length.

Deadline is Monday August 17th, but please get things in as soon as you can, we are going to try to have this formatted and printed for the first week of school, August 24th. Email text or documents to

Thanks for your help!



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