Houston SDS presents (dis)Orientation Guide to University (and city) of Houston

Disorientation Guide 2009

Disorientation Guide 2009

Dowload your copy from our website by clicking on this link: SDS (dis)Orientation Guide [also available on Houston Indymedia Here]

Thanks for picking up this copy of the 2009 (dis)orientation guide to UH and the Houston area produced by Students for a Democratic Society at UH. We wanted to create a document with resources and information about some of the work for social justice being done on our campus and in our city and encourage UH students to get involved.

We do not intent for this to be a completely comprehensive guide to either our school or our city, but a jumping off point for folks who want to use our time in school and after wards to fight for social, economic and environmental justice. We hope some of the stuff inside this pamphlet can help you get to know more about our community and inspire you to join (or start) some of the groups doing amazing work in Houston.

Table of (dis)contents:
Pg. 1 Tuition. Sky’s the limit
Pg. 3-4 Welcome to the Neighborhood
Pg. 5-6 Self Defense and Know your Rights
Pg. 7-9 Student Organizations
Pg. 10-11 Map of radical spaces in Houston
Pg. 12-13 Community Organizations
Pg. 14-17 Spaces in Houston to Check out
Pg. 18-19 Places to eat
Pg. 20-21 SDS who we are

Guide Crew: Delfina, Gislaine, Gus, Heather, Paula, RoB, Stephanie

We’d like to thank everyone who made submissions to our guide. We plan on reissuing this in future semesters and welcome feedback on its contents. Get in touch at sdsuhtx AT gmail.com

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