October 7th – Teach in Against the War and Occupation of Afghanistan



October 7th at 7pm in Room 212 S of the Honors College (on the second floor of Anderson Library) Students for a Democratic Society at UH will be hosting a teach in about Afghanistan to mark the 8th anniversary of the war. We will be screening excerpts of the film Rethinking Afghanistan and presenting speeches by History Professor Bob Buzzanco and Afghanistan War Veteran Matt Dobbs. The event is free and there will be snacks.

October 7th will mark the eighth year that the U.S. has been at war with Afghanistan, under the auspice of fighting “the war on terror.” In eight years under occupation, tens of thousands of Afghans have been killed by U.S. air strikes, bombs, and bullets, and the Afghani infrastructure has been devastated.In just one day of this war, May 4, 2009, U.S. air strikes killed over 150 Afghan children, women, men in a village in Farah province.

The war affects us here at home as well. The number of U.S. troop casualties increases more and more each year that the war continues. By next year the cost of the Afghanistan war will be more than the cost of the Iraq war, with the U.S. government requesting $65 billion dollars for the war in 2010. So far the government has spent almost a trillion dollars in the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. With that money, we could have paid for 35,068,800 four year university scholarships.

University of Houston SDS is stoked to be joining more than 20 other SDS chapters across the country who are taking action on October 7th to educate, agitate and organize for an end to the war in Afghanistan.

Download our flier and help hand it out! | Invite your freinds to the Facebook Event


One response to “October 7th – Teach in Against the War and Occupation of Afghanistan

  1. I will be there……..glad to see that there is an anti-war group that still exists in Houston.

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