Teach in on Afghanistan part of national day of action against war

Matt Dobbs addresses teach in on Afghanistan

Matt Dobbs addresses teach in on Afghanistan

Houston SDS hosted a Teach in on Afghanistan that was attended by about 70 people, overwhelmingly students, on October 7th. We screened an excerpt of Rethink Afghanistan [online here] and had presentations by University of Houston History Professor Bob Buzzanco about the history of Afghanistan focusing on the period during the cold war, and by Afghanistan Veteran Matt Dobbs about his experiences in two tours of duty in Afghanistan, and how he has come to oppose the war on a civilian population which is fighting a battle of self-defense against the US lead occupation.

This event kicks of the work of our anti-war and occupation working group which will be hosting additional events about Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine this semester.

We’d like to thank Matt Dobbs and Professor Buzzanco for taking the time to prepare and give statements to this teach in, as well as to all the other folks who helped put together and promote this event.

On Wednesday October 7, students on 26 campuses across the United States protested eight long years of war against and occupation of the people of Afghanistan. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a nation-wide student organization committed to activism for peace, justice and equality, organized the protest. Read a full report with photos and video from the SDS National AntiWar Working Group


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