First SDS meeting of 2010

Students for a Democratic Society is getting in gear for the new Year. This is going to be our first business meeting of the year and we would love for you to join us.

SDS at UH is planning to focus on 3 areas of work (but we are always interested in other topics too)

Ending War and Occupation: Raising awareness and building movements to end militarism and the occupations of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Immigrant rights: We want to continue to challange the inhumane immigrant detention policies of ICE, as well as support the DREAM act and possibly build an immigrant rights coalition on campus.

Education Rights: We want to build for the March 4th day of action to defend education ( and fight the escalating costs of getting higher education.

We are also hosting a film series this semester about these issues and others. We should have a schedule out soon.

We have a lot on our plates and would love your help! These meetings will be weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm, almost always in the Caspian room.


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