Social Movements for Social Justice Film Series

Film Series for first half of the semester

This semester, Students for a Democratic Society will be hosting a film series looking at social justice movements, From Texas to Cali to the Occupied Territories. These screenings take place in the University Center of the University of Houston. All screenings are free and will continue with more films after spring break.

Thursday Feb 11th 7pm in the Caspian Room of the UC The Least of These

Detention of immigrant children in a former medium-security prison in Texas leads to controversy when three activist attorneys discover troubling conditions at the facility. This compelling documentary film explores the role – and limits – of community activism, and considers how American rights and values apply to the least powerful among us.

Monday Feb 22nd 7pm in the Pacific Room of the UC Bilin Habibti (Bil’in my love)

Bil;in is a community facing division by the Israeli security wall: more than half of the village is about to be absorbed by a neighboring Jewish settlement. The villagers confront the Israeli army with creative, weekly demonstrations and direct actions. The army replies with arrests, teargas and bullets. Armed with a camera, the Israeli director Pollak comes to Bil’in as an activist. During his stay, Bil’in turns into the symbol of resistance against the “safety fence” and the Israeli occupation. A film that demonstrates that a different middle east is possible; that the conflict can be transformed by solidarity between Palestinians and Israelis

Thursday March 4th 7pm in the Caspian Room of the UC Short films on the struggle to defend Education in California and elsewhere.

As people throughout the country struggle under the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the Regents of the University of California voted to raise tuition 32%. March 4th is a national day of action to defend education, and we will be watching films about the struggles of students, staff and faculty to defend public education.


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