A good day for speakers whose first and last names start with the letter “A”

SDS with Ali Abunimah

Students for a Democratic Society at UH would really like to thank everyone who came out this Friday to catch the dynamite speakers we hosted at the University. Dozens of Coogs and folks from the community came to hear both Ali Abunimah speak about the Situation in Palestine and the prospects for a one state solution, and to hear Ashanti Alston talk about the legacy of the Black Panther Party and Black liberation struggle as part of a struggle that continues against the systems of oppression that impact our communities.

SDS with Ashanti Alston

For those who could not make it, we wanted to let you know that SDS and our friends were able to record both talks and encourage you to listen up. Audio from Ali Abunimah’s talks in the University Center | Audio from Ashanti Alston’s talk at SHAPE community Center in the evening (thanks to Rene for recording assistance!)

We’d like to thank all the cosponsors: Palestinians for Peace and Democracy for helping to bring Ali, and Student Activists at UH, Institute for Anarchist Studies, Houston Anti-Racist Action, Critical Resistance Houston and the Sedition Collective for helping to bring Ashanti.

The Daily Cougar covered Ashanti’s talk in the Feb 23rd edition of the paper: Former Black Panther Party member gives lecture at UH


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