March 4th: a day to defend public education

Today is March 4th, and students across the country are taking action to defend public education. SDS at UH will be fliering today, talking about the skyrocketing cost of tuition and the impacts of budget cuts by the state of Texas on the ability of young people to get higher education. Check out our flier: Defend Education at the University of Houston [pdf]. Also, join us tonight at 7pm in the Caspian Room in the University Center to watch films about struggles in California and elsewhere to defend accessible education. Check out the National Call from Students for a Democratic Society to support the March 4th mobilizations

This is the Call to action from the National March 4th Campaign:
As people throughout the country struggle under the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, public education from pre-K to higher and adult education is threatened by budget cuts, layoffs, privatization, tuition and fee increases, and other attacks. Budget cuts degrade the quality of public education by decreasing student services and increasing class size, while tuition hikes and layoffs force the cost of the recession onto students and teachers and off of the financial institutions that caused the recession in the first place. Non-unionized charter schools threaten to divide, weaken and privatize the public school system and damage teachers’ unions, which are needed now more than ever. More and more students are going deep into debt to finance their education, while high unemployment forces many students and youth to join the military to receive a higher education. And all of the attacks described above have hit working people and people of color the hardest.

In California, students, teachers, workers, parents, and faculty have taken action against these attacks. They took to the streets in a one-day strike on September 24th, organized strikes and actions across the state during the University of California Board of Regents meeting from November 18th to 20th, and have called for a state-wide day of action on March 4th. These actions have created a broad mass movement in California, drawing in students from all over the state to create a powerful struggle. As the effects of the economic crisis continue to spread into the education system nationally, it’s time to join our voices with students and workers in California and draw inspiration from their example.


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