Radical History Bike Tour – This Sunday

SDS has put together a bicycle tour of Houston and spots related to the radical history and struggles that have taken place here. We are throwing it this Sunday April 4th and it starts at 12:30 at the Cougar Den, downstairs in the University Center.

Radical History Bike Tour

SDS has invited veterans from a cross section of social movements to join us or meet us to share the history of groups and struggles that have helped shape the city of Houston and advocated for radical social change.

We’ll be learning about People’s Party 2, SHAPE Community Center, Sedition Books, the Moody Park Rebellion, The fight for African American and Chicano Studies at the University of Houston, The Camp Logan Rebellion, resistance to gentrification in Freedman’s Town and a number of other sites and struggles that have helped shaped our city.

We will be asking for a donation to support the work of Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Houston. We expect the ride to last around 3 hours (with lots of stopping) and will be ending around 4 or 5pm at Bohemeos at 708 Telephone rd (at Lockwood). At Bohemeos there will be an afterparty featuring poetry, music by Urbane Guerrilla Soundsystem and a chance to socialize with folks who have been fighting for social justice for decades.

We hope you can join us! Please help us out by inviting folks to the facebook event and by printing out and distributing This Flyer (PDF)

Love, Peace, and Bicycle Grease!
♥ SDS @ UH


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