Students from across Texas gather in Raymondville to protest Tent City detention center

Willacy County Processing Center AKA Tent City

Shut it Down!

On April 10th, SDS at the University of Houston joined student activists from the Social Justice Action Committee and the Palestine Solidarity Committee of UT Austin and the World Peace Alliance and Southwest Workers Union and representatives of the United Methodist Church of the Rio Grande Valley assembled in Raymondville to protest the Willacy County Processing Center, better know as Tent City. The 3,086-bed Willacy County Processing Center, a private prison operated by Utah-based Management and Training Corporation (MTC) and partially constructed of Kevlar tents, is the nation’s largest immigrant detention center.

Supporting the Struggle for Freedom of Movement

This action is part of the national Dignity not Detention campaign to resist the unchecked growth of the immigrant detention system.

Our protest was covered by the valley’s Channel 4 News:
Text Story | Video Story
More photos on Houston Indymedia


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