May First and May Fifth: hitting the streets for immigrant rights

Education, Not Deportation!

SDS at UH was able to mobilize a small number of students for UH to join the march of more than 6,000 people that took to the streets to celebrate mayday and demand immigrant rights, worker rights and comprehensive immigration reform. We participated and lead chants including “Education, Not Deportation”, and “Helado Si! Migra No!” (Ice Cream, Yes! Border Patrol, No!) On Thursday we screened Despierta Gigante! Giant Awake! as part of an effort to get UH students thinking about the immigrant rights movement.

SDS Supporting the Struggle for Immigrant Rights

The strong turn out this year’s Mayday march is certainly influenced by the repressive and racist SB1070 legislation that was passed in Arizona, and reawakened immigrant rights activism across the country that has not been seen since the mass mobilizations in 2006 against HR4437. We are excited about the end of our semester and looking forward to pushing for immigrant rights over the summer and in the upcoming semester. [More photos on Houston Indymedia | Houston Indymedia feature | Houston Chronicle | UH’s El Gato]

Helping cops with how to enforce SB1070

On May 5th, SDS participated in a protest of the Diamondback’s Astros baseball game that took place downtown in Minutemaid Park. As part of the national call to Boycott Arizona, the Arizona Diamondbacks coming to Houston was to important to miss, finals be damned! The owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks has been a longtime fundraiser for the Arizona republican party and continues to use the Diamondbacks to economically support the legislators who passes the SB1070 legislation. The protest was covered by The Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, Associated Press story about the protest was picked up in many outlets, including ESPN.

No to SB1070. White Backs go home!

No to SB1070. White Backs go Home!

Eric of the FIRE Collective also took some great photos and wrote up a critical piece about the protest and where the movement to stop SB1070 might go from here.


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