Candle Light Vigil in Honor of Revolution

In solidarity with and in honor of the Tunisian Dignity Revolution and the ongoing uprisings in Egypt, Yemen, and Algeria, we invite you to come to a candle light vigil to remember the revolution’s fallen heroes, and the brave men and women who are continuing the struggle.

We will meet in front of MD Anderson library next Tuesday, the first of February. Bring posters, flags, candles if you can, and we will try to provide some for those who can’t.

Invite your friends! Facebook event here:

For revolution, come stand in solidarity


2 responses to “Candle Light Vigil in Honor of Revolution

  1. Mahdi Domitrovich

    You guys never cease to amaze me! Well done. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it (and I bet it was cold!) but I want to pass along how much I admire you for not pulling the establishment’s ‘company line’ and saying what needs to be said for your fellow man. Yeah, the loss of some of these puppet stooges will bring into question the hegemony America’s enjoyed, but satisfaction of justice far outweighs the gravy train. Wait . . . What am I saying? Like any of us know the ‘insider benefits’ of the gravy train. lol! BYT- Jordan has started protesting too. It’s about time.

    • Thank you for your support Mahdi! We are currently setting up a teach-in for next week about the uprisings, hope to see you there!

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