Report on the Candle Light Vigil

The Candle Light Vigil in Honor of Revolution was a complete success! Dozens of UH students and their supporters came out – despite the freezing temperatures – to stand in solidarity with the Arab people and their bid for self-determination.

News Coverage of Vigil for Egypt and Tunisia

The discussion afterward was also very effective, and with your ideas and support, we hope to mobilize the UH student body and the Houston community at large for this cause. Our friends at Amnesty International UH handed out letters that you can send to your representatives yesterday, but because there were so many of you, we ran out. Not to worry, here are links that you can pass on to your friends and colleagues: Egypt: The Letter for Egypt Here is some info on Egypt More Info Tunisia: Info on Tunisia Signature Page to the President – Fouad Mebazza Another Letter We are planning many more events on this topic, including a teach-in (for those who suggested an education campaign), so please keep checking our website. We thank you for your support!

Serious discussions happening here


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