Report on the Teach-in

The Teach-in on Revolution featuring Dr. Hosam Aboul-Ela from UH, Dr. Ussama Makdisi from Rice, and Dr. Nivien Saleh from University of St. Thomas was a complete success! Thanks to the speakers who gave us their time and knowledge, the audience for asking such great questions and being so attentive, and the SDS members who made this happen. You are all amazing!

Dr. Hosam Aboul-Ela spoke about the different organizations and movements responsible for the revolution in Egypt. He clarified many points on the causes of the uprising, and explained that it was not a sudden outburst but a series of events that had culminated into dissent and eventually reached their tipping point.

Dr. Ussama Makdisi spoke about the American response to the events in the Middle East, particularly Egypt. He spoke on the history of US intervention and the prospect of democracy in the Arab world. Dr. Makdisi explained that American intervention has proven unhelpful in the region and damaging to our interests.

Dr. Nivien Saleh spoke on the question of whether facebook and other forms of social media “sparked” the revolution, as certain media outlets have claimed. She explained that although information technology is helpful for these movements, this industry was historically controlled by the Egyptian regime. Essentially, Dr. Saleh proved that “technology does not liberate people; people liberate people.”

The question and answer session that followed was focused and informative. We apologize for the few who did not get to ask a question because we ran out of time. We also apologize for the space. Since more than 80 people showed up, it was a little hard fitting into that room! We’ll try our best to get a bigger area for our upcoming events.

For those of you who enjoyed the event, or for those who missed the event and would like to learn more, please come to our meetings Tuesday at 5 in the UC Palo Duro room (top floor of the UC). With your help, we can keep these important events happening at UH.


One response to “Report on the Teach-in

  1. Mahdi Domitrovich

    These teach-ins are great and I think SDS is continuing to do good work! One thing is for certain- the Middle East will never be the same again and I’m glad someone on campus is adressing the issues changing our lives (while others remain asleep)! Let’s keep a close eye on events. With all that’s going down I’m sure there’ll be more to do and say.

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