This Thursday: Reportback on Resistance Movements in Arizona

This Thursday (Feb. 24) from 5-7pm in the UC San Jacinto Room, Houston activist RoB will be reporting back on his experiences joining the protesters and organizers resisting the implementation of SB 1070 in AZ. The controversial bill SB 1070 has caused outrage for encouraging racial profiling, excessively targeting non-criminal immigrants, being harmful to immigrant and minority communities and giving local police the responsibility to enforce federal immigration policies. Not only is this …law inherently racist, it hurts all of Arizona’s residents by increasing police budgets, increasing funding for private prisons, and changing the priorities of police to target non-violent minorities rather than violent criminals.

A large resistance movement has formed in response to these racist policies and Rob will be sharing stories about what people are doing to resist.

This event is especially important right now due to the copy-cat legislation being proposed by the far right in our own state of Texas. Educated people need to unite against these attacks on minorities and migrants to build safer communities and to oppose racist and xenophobic agendas. Let’s stop Texas from being the next Arizona!

On current laws being proposed:

On shifting federal immigration responsibilities to local police:

Contact SDS at or call Marie at 832-474-5536 for questions or directions.


2 responses to “This Thursday: Reportback on Resistance Movements in Arizona

  1. Will there be any action against the supreme courts decision on July 25? I want to support the protest! –concerned Mexican

    • We don’t have anything planned, but if you plan or hear about anything, we can help promote it on the website and our Facebook page.

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