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Reportback from Israel Apartheid Week 2011, at UH

This is a little late (only about a year) but we look to get the report back from 2012 up soon.

For Israel Apartheid week, SDS hosted four different events to raise awareness of apartheid and other human rights violations in Palestine/Israel and the ongoing occupation and colonization of Palestinian territory.

Dabke Flash Mob

The first was our Dabke flash mob. We had over half a dozen dancers, and handed out over 200 fliers, using the attention that our flash-mob got. While the University community didn’t take as much notice as they could have, we had a reporter from the Jewish Herald Voice (a local, pro-Israel, Jewish community newspaper) watching us, and the event was even covered in an Israeli publication.

A video of the Flash Mob:

Haretz (Israeli publication) bizarre coverage:

Slingshot Hip-Hop film Screening

We hosted a Screening of Slingshot Hip-Hop at the Sedition Bookstore. From their website, the film is about:

Slingshot Hip Hop braids together the stories of young Palestinians living in Gaza, the West Bank and inside Israel as they discover Hip Hop and employ it as a tool to surmount divisions imposed by occupation and poverty. From internal checkpoints and Separation Walls to gender norms and generational differences, this is the story of young people crossing the borders that separate them.

Panel Discussion on Feminism Under Occupation

We filled up our room and had a very enlightening discussion on Women and Feminism under the Occupation ( and Apartheid )

Viva Palestina Concert

We hosted a concert featuring Palestinian musicians Sabreena Da Witch, two members of P.R. the Palestinian Rapperz (AKA the Palestinian Resistaance) and our member and local spoken work and a Hip-Hop artist Kamil Khan. We had a good turnout of between 50 and 80 people with many passers by at Lynn Euson Park and were able to get the message out through music.


Israel Apartheid Week 2012, This Week!


Occupy Houston this Thursday!

Inspired by the movement to Occupy Wall Street in New York and the wave of similar occupations around the country, SDS will be joining the rest of the radical Houston community this Thursday (Oct. 6 2011) for Occupy Houston.

The march will be at 9am, but the occupation will last at least the whole day.

Learn more:

May Day 2011 (International Workers Day)

Fliers to download


This Thursday: Reportback on Resistance Movements in Arizona

This Thursday (Feb. 24) from 5-7pm in the UC San Jacinto Room, Houston activist RoB will be reporting back on his experiences joining the protesters and organizers resisting the implementation of SB 1070 in AZ. The controversial bill SB 1070 has caused outrage for encouraging racial profiling, excessively targeting non-criminal immigrants, being harmful to immigrant and minority communities and giving local police the responsibility to enforce federal immigration policies. Not only is this …law inherently racist, it hurts all of Arizona’s residents by increasing police budgets, increasing funding for private prisons, and changing the priorities of police to target non-violent minorities rather than violent criminals.

A large resistance movement has formed in response to these racist policies and Rob will be sharing stories about what people are doing to resist.

This event is especially important right now due to the copy-cat legislation being proposed by the far right in our own state of Texas. Educated people need to unite against these attacks on minorities and migrants to build safer communities and to oppose racist and xenophobic agendas. Let’s stop Texas from being the next Arizona!

On current laws being proposed:

On shifting federal immigration responsibilities to local police:

Contact SDS at or call Marie at 832-474-5536 for questions or directions.

Events from the 9th Anniversary of the Invasion of Afghanistan

To mark the 9th anniversary of the Afghanistan War, SDS hosted a march and a rally/speak out session around campus and in front of the MD Anderson Library.

We spoke about the significance of the war being the longest in history, and how the financial burden of the war has an effect on raising tuition rates, and the increasing inaccesibility of higher education. We also brought up how the UH endowment is invested in at least two war profiteers, Lockheed Martin, and Halliburton. A UH faculty member came out to support the rally, and gave some powerful insight about the war.

We got a good amount of attention at some positive feedback. One of our members was asked to not wear a bandana with peace signs on it, symbolizing a “veil of peace” because the police said he looked threatening, and claimed to have gotten several complaints about his appearance from students. (pictured above with bandana lowered).

The teach in was a big success. We had a significant turnout, and Dr. Buzzanco gave a great talk about the history of US involvement in Afghanistan, dating back to the US’s backing of the Taliban during the cold war, and the planning of Unical’s Central Asian pipeline in the late seventies and early eighties. We followed him with a brief presentation and a video about Afghan people’s opinions of the war.